"Kate Gombos offers much more than web design. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding business marketing into her web designing, decreasing the stress of a project greatly. Her ability to listen as well as inform builds creative partnerships and flexibility where needed. Kate's a real pro!"

Ethlyne J Davidson, RN,CMT
Nurse's Touch

Websites are still the newest and most flexible marketing tools. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most complex. Sight, sound, text and personal choice are all part of a good interactive web experience.

In a skill that's only been around 15 years, Lead Consultant Kate Gombos has been creating dynamic Websites for 12. Her staff has the interdisciplinary skills that combine business acumen with design, writing and programming.

How does it work? Like people, Websites have a distinct personality. After defining goals, we research photos, write text and collect materials to insure it communicates the individuality of your company. The vibrant home page that results will move your clients easily through your site as it clearly directs them to the information they are looking for.

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