"Throughout my 33 years of business experience, I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people in a variety of capacities. A very small handful of these fine people stand out as truly exceptional. Kate Gombos is one of these rare jewels who have consistently been a true delight to work with. She is fast and accurate, responsive and dependable. Kate's creative gifts cover words, visuals, and the technical structure of a website as well as other marketing materials. She is unfailingly professional and upbeat, and a person of high integrity. Kate is an integral part of our team; that is the highest praise I have to give.

"Thank you dear Kate for being there for us in a deep and true way, and for helping us to present ourselves accurately to the world."

Lynn McGonagill
The Lightworkers Healing Method

At Gombos Consulting, LLC, we deeply admire the enthusiasm and dedication of those who take a giant leap to follow their dreams. We take their commitment to their businesses seriously and are proud to play a part in their success.

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