"As an all-encompassing center for the visual and performing arts, the Academy of Fine Arts has enjoyed a web presence that effectively represents our variety of services and activities, as created by Gombos Consulting. But as our business has grown, Kate Gombos has helped with an evaluation of our programs and offerings and has proven to be an invaluable consultant to the marketing of our arts center. The range from design to advising services of Gombos Consulting has been a significant benefit to the Academy. We've gotten a lot more from this relationship than we could have imagined."

Richard Kordos, Executive Director
Academy of Fine Arts

We may wear it on our sleeve --- that's because we believe in organizations, which selflessly dedicate themselves to help, educate and inspire others. Come find out what these esteemed not-profit organizations already know: that Gombos Consulting is more than a provider --- we become your partner in your mission.

Selected Projects & Clients:


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