"Kate Gombos redesigned my website and brochures transforming them into professional and effective marketing tools. Her creative talent and ability to comprehend the end result of my projects have turned all my requests into swift action, giving special attention to design and detail. In addition to being an honest website host, Kate's wit, intellect and high integrity make working with her in any way an honor and a joy. I am grateful, Kate!"

Donna Wylly
Certified Lightworkers Healing Method Practitioner

Hitting your target market -- a deceptively simple goal held by every company large and small. Success becomes increasingly complicated with the number of options and businesses out there. It's your image that tells the public who you are: It says more about you than reams of text. That's why it must appeal to every prospect and set you apart from the crowd.

The professionals at Gombos take aim at this simple fact. Lead Consultant Kate Gombos and her staff go straight to the heart of your company to identify those unique qualities that must be captured in your public image. Kate constructs a "company persona" and then - in both image and words - creates the picture that makes your company stand out. She ensures this identity will work in every form of communication and advertising.

That's why when it comes to branding, Gombos will not only put you on target, but at its center.


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